It is a new start

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Hello all. It is day one of the blogging world for me. I started a small gardening and plant business a couple years ago. This year I need to decide if it is my ‘hobby’ or my ‘business’. I know one thing for sure planting, gardening and harvesting is -my passion! So come on this journey with me and lets see where we go.

couple of things I would like to do with the blog are

1- track the weather each day so we can all look back and see weather patterns, best times for planting and just remember what the months bring for weather

2- keep an online diary of planting schedules, growth data, harvesting data and an all around map of the gardens and greenhouses

3- the bees! this is our first year of bee keeping so I am sure we will have lots of bee wrangling stories to entertain

4- share my thoughts, dreams and ideas with you as I am embark on this new business, new journey and see where we all end up

5- and I will be sharing my cooking ideas, a recipe or two, and ideas for the best ways to serve your harvest

20 Responses to It is a new start

  1. Lizard says:

    JoHanna–Excellent! But what about all your goodies you create from the garden? Your salsas, relishes, jam, pesto, etc. Maybe give us some recipes and hints on how to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Just a thought!

    • beebe85jm says:

      THANKS LIZ!!! You are so right and I really appreciate your input! I was just thinking recipes should be included in my blog and cooking is my other great passion so it will be a perfect fit. Enjoy your day and thanks again 🙂

  2. John Henry says:

    Why don’t you start a facebook site?
    I’m sure enough people would enjoy learning and sharing with you.

  3. Marsha Kellogg says:

    Yay Johanna! Love the blog! Do what you love!

  4. LULU says:

    You go girl! Have tasted and basted with your jellies. Seasoned and made colorful many a dish with your herbs. Your love of gardening and passion for cooking are well known in the valley. Now bee keeping should add a new genre to your business; which we all think should become a business, rather than a hobby so that everyone can enjoy.

  5. Amy Conner Richardson says:

    Johanna, You are so great- Dave and I will enjoy reading what you have to report for Dave especially enjoys gardening and we your cooking. Yes!!! – the sun is out today- will take Lily Mae for a sled ride. Cabin fever big time… XO Amy

  6. lizard says:

    Don’t forget to grow those Willy peppers! lol ;D

  7. lizard says:

    We want Willy peppers!

  8. Penny Jean says:

    Cool Beans!!! Love the picture!! LOL = )

  9. Robin Sears says:

    Yay. This is great. Too bad we can’t enjoy a glass of wine through cyber space. =) At least I can keep up with you now. So exciting.

  10. Kate Reynolds Yaskot says:

    This is great and am really looking forward to it. Really like the idea of starting to collect weather data, for the record. Readers and gardeners might want to check out the Great Sunflower Project, a non-profit org. that collects bee data from “backyard scientists” to help with documenting the status of the bees and colony collapse disorder. They also encourage growing bee friendly plants like bee balm. Ther dta collection pertains to growing the lemon queen sunflower.

    I see the blog as a way for local gardeners to share their ideas and successes.

  11. John Henry says:

    Wow, you’ve already got some great comments on the blog and some really cool ideas. Will their be another magazine coming soon?

  12. Kate Torrenti says:

    Wow this is fantastic! I would love to come and help when we are there for good…I have the sme passions go figure great minds……Good Luck Kate&Rick

  13. Kris Conner says:

    Good girl! (Not sure if my previous comment was posted, got an error. ) This is the best thing for you and your interests. I am using my greenhouse again this year, and hope I can keep it under control without burning things up. Since you have the bees, try the worm farms also. One more thing for Ronnie to take care of!

  14. Meredith Conner says:

    Hey Johanna! Love it! Beautiful site and great ideas. Can’t wait to check out the recipes! I love the picture too!

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