Flowers, Butterflies, and Sunshine

I just spent an amazing weekend in Vegas at the Bellagio- these shots are from their recent butterfly and flower show in the Botanical Gardens there. Anytime you get to Vegas I highly recommend seeing the gardens – I love walking through them but this time was especially uplifting after our long, dark, cold winter. Seeing all the spring flowers popping with color, the scent of lily, honeysuckles, hyacinth, and all the beautiful species of butterflies. It was magic! Then walking outside and feeling some sunshine on your face was perfect.

I did happily return back to our majestic mountains and fresh clean air, with a rejuvenated attitude and a big hope for spring temps and sunshine. Today did not really live up to that expectation, the snow, wind and just plain cold temps made me want to curl up inside all day with a large cup of tea. But then I made my way out to the greenhouse and walked into a happy, warm place full of plants, flowers, herbs and veges growing as if they lived in a warm climate. It lifted my spirits. I think we will have a warming trend coming soon, I know we all need it! Cheers for now.

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