New Garden Ideas

Had a nice day yesterday with the junior master gardeners at the greenhouse being built at the middle school. It is starting to really take shape now! We planted two bee friendly flower gardens in the front of the greenhouse. We spray painted containers and planted tomato plants for everyone to bring home to give to their dads for fathers day and we planted in John ‘the worm guys’ new invention. By the way John runs Rocky Mountain Worms – check out his website at – he is the best resource around for compost, worms, worm castings, worm tea and all kinds of additives to really supercharge your soil for optimum growing. We think we should call his new invention Eco Bales… a bale of straw with an area cut out for planting – but even better than that the planting area is filled with worm castings, cut up paper, soil, and red wiggly worms. The worms are composting machines so we added some veges to compost and then planted a tomato plant, some heirloom tomatillo plants and some parsely and basil seeds. It will be such a neat garden in the bale. The photos show a new straw bale at my house- I will be planting in the bale later today!! Also I have some shots of the Junior Master Gardeners planting their straw bales! In one of the photos is also two large orange bags filled with dirt – those bags are something else I found and really like so far.They are potato grow bags I purchased online from  Gardeners Supply Company – a great gardening resource catalogue also online at The bags are working really well and my potatoes have already sprouted! I will keep you posted on the progress of both the Eco Bales and the Grow bags. Well it is a beautiful day so I am off to work in the garden!!

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2 Responses to New Garden Ideas

  1. LULU says:

    What a phenominal idea—green idea gal!

  2. LULU says:

    I have been following your blog page and I just think this is a wonderful program you are doing with the students.
    We are all learning from your page.
    Thanks Johanna!

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