What a day!

So turned out to be a great day- sunny, cold and dry! The dogs and I took a walk and I did my green house chores! Everything is watered- it was 88 degrees in the greenhouse and sunny! I planted more basil, more lettuce, some cherry tomatoes, tom thumb peas and zinnias! Awesome- got my days worth of Vitamin D too.

Great note- if you can get some tom thumb peas do so- they are great for growing in containers and produce wonderful little peas!

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meet the dogs

Morgan and Tobey hard at work – hoping mom finishes this blog thing so they can go outside and play!!!

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Sat feb 26 2011

The view out my window today… kind of dreary. couple inches of snow last night – again. It has been a long winter. cold and a bit damp today- 15 degrees right now at noon! Trying to get motivated to clean out the green house, water the starts and plant some new seeds…

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