Winter is still here

Well Morgan was happy with this mornings fresh snow! Me not so much. We have been getting heavy moisture packed snow for the last few days. It is fine – we need the moisture for the summer but I think I speak for most of us we are ready to see some spring! Temps are warmer in the high 20’s at night and high 30’s everyday so that is nice. When the clouds move away the sunshine and blue skies are there and ready to peak their heads out!

I have been planting seeds everyday. Friday’s plantings were German Chamomile that will be used in two of my bath salts. Saturday we stopped at Cal Ranch store in Rexburg. If you have a ranch store nearby take an hour and go stop by. They had all the baby chicks, baby ducks and rabbits out for sale. I spent some quality time looking over the chicks. I was ready to buy them and set up my cages but Ron mentioned maybe I should try one new venture at a time and this years is the bees- yes he is right but next year I think there are some chickens in our future!! We also checked out all the seeds and new gardening gadgets. It is fun and puts you in the mood for spring! They had some great wildflower collections. I got one but I am thinking I need a few more. Prices were good and they carry quality seeds. The majority of my seeds are heirloom from Seed Savers Exchange of which I am a member but I like to try other varieties every year to see if one works better than another. If you are doing this I suggest marking the seeds when you plant them- I use a popsicle stick and I record the seed variety, date planted and supplier of the seed. Then when I plant my the garden record it all in a gardening journal. I draw a picture of the garden and record where I planted each variety of plants. I use that to make notes about what did good where, what I might want to move next year and what produced the best crop. It is also fun to look back on your gardens over the years.

Well I am off – enjoy your sunday and keep thinking Spring!

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  1. janet kunz says:

    Hello Johanna This is your pizza pal Janet. Love your sites, you are a busy lady. Will you be at Tonys this Thursday? I would like to purcase some vegie/herb seeds or plants from your garden. The seeds will be used by me personally at my home. If you are off to Vegas, I can wait for my indoor planting upon your return.


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