Remembering summer…

A little bird on my window

It is on its way I promise! We are seeing signs everyday that summer will indeed return. Our temps have been high 30’s and low 40’s for the last few days. I see the snow turning to sugar snow and melting so that is another sign. It looks like our temps will stay that way most of the week. Today – our first day of daylight savings time- is nice and sunny. I spent yesterday cleaning the greenhouse, making room for new plants and washing all the pots and containers. That is a good tip by the way… try to make time to wash all your terra cotta containers and any plant containers you will be using this year. I make a solution of warm water, some bleach and dish soap. Use a brush or sponge and clean out all the old dirt and debris then rinse and let dry. This just starts your plants out in a new, fresh environment and kills any bacteria or possible infestation left from the previous season.

Today, there will be more seed planting. I have more tomatoes to plant, more onion seeds, and peppers. It is fun to be out there planting again and even more fun to watch the green growth pop out of the dirt!
Our evenings have still been cold and last night we were wanting some ‘comfort food’ so I will post a fast, easy recipe for homemade chicken pot pies! Yum.
Have a good day all, oh I will also add a link to Seed Savers Exchange – if you can try to order some seeds from them, they are keeping the heirloom population alive!
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1 Response to Remembering summer…

  1. Penny Jean says:

    Soooo …………..that’s what green grass looks like. Ya i’m starting to remember summer and missing it.

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