Did you see that moon???

Wow – I hope everyone had a chance this weekend to check out that amazing moon. It is the biggest moon we have had in almost 2 decades. I meant to snap a picture to post but I was too interested in just looking at it and enjoying it. So I guess should review our weather of late. It has been mostly cruddy. There has been wind, rain, snow, huge flake snow and luckly some sun. Alot of our ground snow and roof snow is melting so it is an indication of some type of warm weather to follow. How nice is the daylight savings time… It is lighter so much later but I must say I can’t seem to get in the groove of what time it actually is- I am usually late by a few minutes but then you add the hour to that and it is not even funny.

I have been a busy bee in the green house. All the tomatoes are started, 2 kinds of kale started, all the onion seeds (3 varieties), peppers (3 varieties), broccoli (2 varieties), moss roses, zinnia, and a new addition this year brussel sprouts. Many herbs are already up – chamomile, mint, basil, dill, rosemary, sage, cilantro, parsley. It is just looking so good in there to see some life! We are going to try to complete the new greenhouse this weekend. I will post pictures of that one for sure! It is going to be so wonderful- it is a 10×30 hooped greenhouse. By the way, my friend got one last year and tested it up here for the wind, snow and it did great! So I will be selling that size, a smaller size and a larger size – if you want any details or you want to check mine out email me! We also have one bee hive assembled – and I will be painting that this week so spring is in the air here.

Hope everyone is doing well and starting some seeds of their own. Have a happy day.

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