My friend has published a book!!

Book launch party photo by Greg Yaskot

This was such a great event I attended Wednesday night. My friend Kate Yaskot published a book compiled of the many stories and characters that live in our valley. It is a great read and full of wonderful information about our home. Get out and get a copy of this book you will love it… go to Dark Horse Books or Tony’s Pizza to buy a copy or email me and I will have Kate contact you! I am even featured in the book – a great story about high altitude gardening.

Speaking of high altitude- the spring is not happening the way we might like it! Snow, snow and more snow. It is that really heavy wet snow, so it is not that fun to shovel! But the greenhouse is doing great – everything is sprouting up and it is time to replant the first round of seeds already. Plus it is so nice on a crappy day to walk in there and feel the warmth, smell the soil and see all the green!

I should have some parsley and basil for sale in the next few weeks – I will post when it is available. You can get it from me or at Victor Valley Market throughout the summer months.

Well I am off to Twin Falls for a bee keeping class. I am looking forward to learning more, picking up my new hive boxes and a few other supplies and getting out of the snow for the weekend! I will take some pictures and post them on the site! Also – more exciting news – I will be having some help this summer. .. My intern’s name is Audrey and she will be here mid April! I am really looking forward to having someone here with me to bounce ideas off, help out and increase Green Ideas productivity. Come on spring!!

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