The Bees have arrived!

My new friends are here and in their hives! It was a great trip to Twin Falls to pick up 2 packages of bees one is Carniolan Bees and the other is Hygienic Bees. We thought it would be good to try 2 different species this first year.

My girlfriend Penny joined me and we had a nice girls trip in addition to picking up the bees and learning more about the hives. The weather is not so great for the poor bees – they would like it a bit warmer. But they are in the hives and I am feeding them sugar water and pollen patties until they have something outside to pollinate. I am enjoying the experience so far- it is fun and exciting to learn about something new and get to be so hands on! Cant wait until we have some fresh honey.

The weather looks like more of the same cold and rainy for the next couple days. But by wednesday we should start to see some sunshine! Oh by the way- if you are traveling to Idaho Falls check the road report. We came home last night over 31 (swan valley pass) and it was really starting to flood down there. About half way up we ran into a small mud slide. They were flagging one lane at a time of traffic through but it must have gotten worse because the road is closed now! Just an FYI. Talk to you later!

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  1. Johanna! I am excited for you! Are you going to make honey? What are your plans for your little black and yellow friends? M.

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