We are up and Running!!!

After much work and time the new TUFF greenhouse is up and running. Much – well almost all the building credit goes to Ron and some very nice friends and brother in laws! It was alot of work but so worth it. Ron and I did the finishing touches last week when we put the plastic over the frame. The week before that we brought in 2 green truck loads of top soil and 3 loads of compost/soil pep mixture. All of which we had to shovel out of the truck ourselves! No need to work out at the gym that day!

I will start planting next week. I can’t wait! Getting ready right now for 90 7th graders to visit tomorrow! It should be a very good day. It is their field trip and it has been organized by Full Circle Education. We will be showing them the 2 styles of greenhouses here, the differences between hybrid and heirloom seeds, how to amend soil to achieve the best growth results and how the bees pollinate your plants. I have help from two very special people – Janet Kunz and Kate Yaskot! Thank goodness! I will let you know how we do and try to snap some photos!

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